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Beautiful buildings start with quality materials! 

R.E.W. Supply is committed to supplying top quality engineered wood products to the building industry. We specialize in glue-laminated timber, laminated decking, solid wood decking and glue-laminated architectural beams. We are distributors for A.P.A./E.W.S., and A.I.T.C. certified manufacturers who conform to the American National Standard for Wood Products - Structural Glued Laminated Timber, (ANSI A190.1). Our product line also includes ventilated and non-ventilated nail base roof insulation products.

Engineered wood products can be ordered raw, or pre-finished with a variety of coatings from top brands in the industry. Pre-finished products are coated and cured in a climate controlled facility. We can also arrange for specialty coatings, such as fire retardant, and products to protect from insect and fungal problems.

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